ATWT Best Lines Thursday 10/4/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 10/4/07


Provided By Eva

Rosanna: Honey, is there something wrong that I don't know about? Because I had kind of, sort of, thought that you were serious when you asked me --

Paul: Of course, I was serious.

Rosanna: Then how can you suggest Halloween?

Paul: What's wrong with Halloween?

Rosanna: Well, doesn't it bother you that it's a day that stands for trickery and deception? You know, if you love me the way that you say you do, that is the last date on earth that you would want for our wedding day.

Iris: Well, if it isn't mommy dearest.

Barbara: Gwen's not here, so take your little painted self and turn around and walk away.

Iris: Actually, Barbie, I wasn't looking for Gwen. I was looking for my son's girlfriend, Sofie. I thought she might be here. Seems like everybody is.

Barbara: Well, she isn't, though I think I heard she's at the Snyder farm.

Alison: Barbara!

Craig: Meg has agreed to have a child with me.

Rosanna: Oh, good. It's going to take a little bit more than a promise though I think.

Craig: We've already started trying.

Rosanna: And you wanted to meet with me to discuss what? Technique

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