ATWT Best Lines Monday 9/10/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 9/10/07


Provided By Elayna

Henry: Yeah, yeah, but you didn't like who he was hanging with back home, right? What was wrong with them? They were long-haired hoodlums? Or axe murders? Or the rival service branch?

Col. Mayer: No, no, nothing like that. No.

Henry: Nothing like which? Look, if this past of Noah's catches up with him while he's living with Maddie, I need to know the details, you know, name, rank, serial number --

Craig: I can handle sleeping in a twin bed. I can even handle sage squeezing all the toothpaste out of the wrong end. I will pluck the chickens for you if I have to. The one thing I cannot handle is being a disappointment to you.

Lucinda: Not to worry, darling. You can sell that device in your hand, and you will have enough to be able to afford a room at the wagon wheel. Although, wait a moment. You look just perfect the way you are, right now, down here on the farm.

Craig: I should have known that you would crawl over here to gloat.

Lucinda: Who are you texting? Not that I can imagine anyone wants to get a message from you, certainly not any of your associates at M.E., your company -- you know, as a matter of fact, there was a general atmosphere of glee at the office.

Katie: What about sage? She wants a little sister so badly, she told me that she prays about it every night.

Jack: Yeah, and last week she was praying for a puppy.

Lucinda: Ah, well then, if you love her, if you were true about that, then you would set her free, so that she could find a man with a future. Because when Rosanna remembers what you did, you're going straight to jail. And they do not allow conjugal visits. Not when it's attempted murder charge.

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