ATWT Best Lines Friday 8/24/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 8/24/07


Provided By Dani

Henry: No, no, no, no. I mean, what is the sur --?

Vienna: Oh, the surstromming. You've never had it? It's fermented herring.

Henry: Fermented?

Vienna: Well, maybe that's not the right word.

Henry: Rotten?

Vienna: Yeah, that's the right word.

Cole: Yeah, right. So, my sister hates me and my girlfriend thinks I'm a loser. Thanks for making my day, Sofie.

Gwen: Do you know how much I want this child? No. No, no, no. Of course you wouldn't. Because you didn't want me or Cole.

Iris: How could you say that to me?

Gwen: Because kids know things, mom. And I knew by the time I was four years old that you'd rather be out dancing at some bar than at home cooking me dinner.

Iris: Yeah, but honey, look how you turned out. I must've done something right.

Gwen: You did a fantastic job. I knew how to use a microwave by the time I was five.

Customer: My water?

Sofie: I'm sorry. I'll get that for you right away.

Customer: I also asked for ketchup 15 minutes ago. And now my fries are cold.

Sofie: I'll get you a new order.

Customer: How about you get me a new waitress? One who can actually do something right?

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