ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 8/22/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 8/22/07


Provided By Elayna

Vienna: No, no, no. You are dining, not gorging. You are a human being, not, not, not a pig at a toff.

Henry: You mean trough, sweetie.

Vienna: No, no. Look at you. You don't need a napkin, you need a shower.

Customer: Is she calling me a pig?

Henry: Yeah, yeah. But in her culture, that's like calling you a stallion, man.

Cheri: Oh I know, I'm not good enough for such a refined atmosphere. And what about him?

Dusty: I live here.

Cheri: You should check your e-mail, sweetie. See what Mr. Morality does in his spare time. And whom he does it with.

Carly: You know, one of these days you're actually going to ask me for help and I'm going to faint dead away.

Jack: I think I need some help. You didn't faint.

Carly: Well, I guess I'm just not the kind of broad who can pull that off.

Maddie: Good. Thank you, colonel, for an interesting evening.

Colonel Mayer: Please, Maddie, you don't have to call me colonel. Just call me sir. I'm kidding. That's a joke.

Lily: I'm going to ask you again to leave, or I will call security.

Cheri: No problem. My work here is done. But like I said, you should pour yourself a glass of wine and check your e-mails. Your friend here has hidden assets.

Vienna: You could smell from across the kitchen. And it was all gaseous and dangerous.

Henry: Yes I know, it's the Fryolator, sweetheart. It's how they make the French fries.

Vienna: We'll get rid of it, right?

Henry: No -- how do I put this? A diner without fries, is like -- La Tour D'argent with no sauces.

Henry: I didn't.  I won it in a poker game. Isn't that great?

Maddie: Yeah, great. Vienna seems really thrilled.

Henry: Well, you know, it's every woman's dream to own a diner. With the glamour and all.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. You're moving too quickly. You barely even know this guy.

Maddie: I know, you're right. And I should -- I should be more like you. You knew Vienna, what? Like 20 minutes -- before you got married or tried to get married. And so, wait a minute. How did that end up again?

Jack: Just so I understand your point correctly, I'm clueless about my true feelings, and I'm deluding myself that my really beautiful, caring, funny fiancee is making me happy, and at some point in time, helpless, I will come crawling back to you.

Carly: You know, your sarcasm is just another defense.

Jack: Okay, to make it fair, let me give you -- let me give you time to prove your theory, okay? So, let's say um -- 20 years. In 20 years, when I'm still with Katie and you're still here in Lala land -- you owe me 50 bucks.

Carly: Okay.

Jack: Well, I'm going to bed. One thing about us hasn't changed, Carly. Dealing with you is exhausting.

Carly: Sweet dreams. Waffles in the morning?

Jack: Oh, I don't know, Carly, I might take one bite and drop to my knees in front of you.

Carly: Nice to have you back, Jack.

Jack: I want my t-shirt back.

Carly: When I get my 50 bucks.

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