ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 8/8/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 8/8/07


Provided By Elayna

Susan: Don't you wish we had something else in common? Like loving George Clooney or designer outlets?

Susan: I think the sudden need for lattes was actually a sudden need to figure out a way to say no to me without having me jump off the deep end.

Lucinda: Let's see Gordon how Mrs. Montgomery does after her cram session with Mr. Montgomery. Sort of an instant MBA.

Will: Ohh -- so that's your fault too. What about global warming, is that your fault also? You to blame for everything?

Lucinda: But you have underestimated the situation. You thought that you were keeping your head while all those around you are losing theirs. However, you've signed on with him. So you may keep your pretty head. But you've lost your stupid, innocent soul.

Sage: Hey, Will? Can I go over to Jill’s and see her new hamster?

Gwen: Whoa, hey, what about the party?

Sage: We already did the fun stuff, getting ready for the party.

Will: Oh so the party is just no big deal, huh?

Sage: All you're going to be doing is talking. Kind of boring.

Will: Okay, I think we are depressingly close to being almost officially grownup.

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