ATWT Best Lines Friday 7/27/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 7/27/07


Provided By Elayna

Gwen: Hey, you know what I was thinking? Maybe we can make a collage for J.J. For when he gets home. Put it in his room. What kind of things does he like?

Sage: Boy things.

Will: Right. He's a Cubs fan. So, do you know his favorite player is?

Sage: Do you think he knows who's my favorite actor?

Gwen: Point taken.

Craig: Oh, that figures. And that is why I'm here. Excuse me. Hey, kid. Hey, I brought you some French fries.

Parker: Is that supposed to fix everything? : Yeah, pretty lame, huh? The thing is, you're too young for me to bring you a bottle of scotch. So, I was figuring, you know, bad night, and the waiting's the worst. And I thought maybe it might help pass the time, you could just take everything out on me. We both know, I deserve it.

Barbara: No, no, I'm not going to stay. I just want to talk to the two


Will: Let me guess. You’re here to name the baby for us?

Barbara: That's done. Barbara or Ryan, right?

Will: Yeah, I should have seen that coming.

Dallas: Okay, no bull. Seriously, any attempt to reach him, could end up putting jack and your son, in even more danger. I'm not doing it. If you'd like, I could get an e you a ride home. But that's where you should be, in case the kidnappers call. We need you. J.J. needs you there.

Carly: Nicely done, Dallas. That didn't sound a bit like shut up and go home.

Craig: So where does this thing plug in?

Meg: It doesn't. The spirits guide your hand so you can spell out the answers to your questions.

Craig: Oh, that sounds very reliable. Nobody can use that for their own purposes.

J.J.: But you guys already have the money. My dad's here, I could go home with him.

Ava: Kid, how did you do in school? Because I've got to tell you something, you don't seem real bright to me. Did you really think that we were going to let you go tell your detective dad who we are and what we look like?

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