ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 7/25/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 7/25/07


Provided By Elayna

Lucinda: Am I understanding this correctly? You're teaching Meg how to be a CEO?

Craig: Well, that's the goal, but we are starting with business fundamentals.

Lucinda: Make sure he teaches you about shady deals, cause he's a master of those.

Lucinda: We both know that keeping your word is a cover for something else. The question now is -- what's in it for you?

Craig: Well, maybe I'm a natural born teacher. I am finding this entire process very satisfying.

Lucinda: Oh, why? Why is that? We both know that you wouldn't be supporting Meg as the CEO unless you were getting something in return.

Craig: Oh, I will. I will. I get to watch you squirm as Meg takes this corporation way beyond your limited horizons.

Lucinda: Darling, this isn't a nursing school.

Meg: What is that supposed to mean?

Lucinda: Darling, darling -- I mean, don't get your nursing credentials in a twist. I mean, I have nothing against the nursing profession. But for heaven's sake, your checkered career at the hospital -- I mean, you pile mistake upon mistake until you finally had to dwindle into wearing a different kind of uniform as a waitress in a diner. And serving -- I'm sorry, my dear, I'm sorry, but serving a milkshake to me does not make you ready and able to run a corporation like Worldwide.

Meg: Let's stop this. Let's stop pretending that you want me to make my own decisions.

Craig: You asked me to show you the ropes. This is just step one.

Meg: Oh, and then you knew that I'd be overwhelmed and turn to you for steps -- what? Two through infinity?

Meg: You're incredible.

Craig: Why do I think that's not a compliment?

Meg: You know, 24 hours ago, I was about to walk through that door. What if I had?

Craig: That was only a slight possibility.

Meg: What if Lucinda hadn't gotten me mad just now? And I did hand over the company to her?

Craig: That was a risk I was willing to take. You do remember the risk section of our tutorial.

Meg: Oh, yeah. Yes, I do. A rigorous and responsible calculation of risk is a cornerstone to good business.

Craig: Well, hey -- you're in a good position to become teacher's pet. So, what do you say? Do we have a deal?

Silas: I'm putting you in charge of the money, because?

Ava: Because I think on my feet. If someone sees you going through the trash, what are you going to say?

Silas: I was hungry.

Ava: Totally lame.

Silas: What would you say?

Ava: That I lost my mother's ring -- it was so precious. I'd make it into a story.

Silas: Oh, good plan. Make a new friend, so when the cops ask for a description, they've had a nice, long look.

Jack: Carly, listen to me. Paying the ransom doesn't mean we're going to get J.J. Back.

Carly: Well, we know what not paying the ransom means.

Jack: We can't give them any more leverage, Carly.

Carly: They have our son! What more leverage, do they need?

Katie: You think I'm good for Jack?

Brad: Yeah, I do. I mean, yeah, he's been, you know -- he's practically human since you two have found each other or whatever.

Ava: I am exploding over here. I think there's something in the air.

J.J.: God bless you.

Ava: Thanks. Well, what do you know? The kid has manners after all. Can't say the same for you, Silas.

Silas: What is your problem?

Ava: Maybe I'm allergic to you.

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