ATWT Best Lines Monday 7/23/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 7/23/07


Provided By Elayna

Noah: Okay, let's review what we've got so far.

Maddie: Okay. Oh -- yeah, we have nothing.

Carly: Hey J.J., I thought you'd be here by now. Um, I guess you're on your way. I hope so, because it's getting dark and I don't like you riding your bike this late. So, I'm going to go ahead and order the pizza, and I'm going to get extra anchovies just to show you what can happen when you're late. Be careful. I'll see you soon. So, we can have pizza tonight, J.J., While your dad's making the biggest mistake of his life.

Jack: So, that dress -- are you sure there's not a city ordinance against it?

Katie: Why would there be?

Jack: Oh, come on. A guy sees you in a dress like that and nothing else registers. You walk out in public like that, and I'm sure -- we're talking traffic accidents, accounting failures, a general fall-off in Oakdale productivity.

Katie: Are you nervous?

Jack: Why would you say something like that?

Katie: Because you're talking really weird. You're saying weird things.

Alison: If you come any closer, I am screaming bloody murder. And I'm sure you don't want to be chatting it up with the cops while you're holding what you're holding.

Jesse: You just made a very big mistake.

Alison: Yeah, I know. I should have waited 'til you put down your beer down first.

Jack: Nothing. Even have a squad car waiting outside, so if brad comes within 50 feet of this place, they're going to exercise the warrant for his arrest.

Katie: Isn't that bad? You can't make up warrants?

Jack: Who said I'm making it up? He's got over $2,500 in parking tickets.

Aaron: What was wrong with the other outfit? Seemed to work pretty good with those guys, seemed to really grab their attention.

Alison: You were watching?

Aaron: Yeah, yeah. Surprised you're off work already. I mean, three guys. You'd think it'd take a little bit longer but -- I guess that's what makes you a professional.

Alison: If you're so concerned about me, why don't you just ask me what I'm doing --

Aaron: It's been an hour, an hour and a half later, and you're already dealing with those jerks?

Alison: And the scorn and the sarcasm, you think that's your right. That you can talk to me like that because I'm a whore again!

Aaron: I'm just trying to get through to you.

Alison: By what -- scaring me straight? It's more like you're treating me like I'm some sort of contagious disease.

Aaron: Well, I'm sorry I wasn't polite enough when I saw you with three guys -- one of them a drug dealer.

Alison: Oh, and the only explanation possible is that I'm making a deal with them. My talents for their goods, right?

Aaron: Well, I heard you tell them you were ready to party with them.

Alison: Well, you got me. And you know, this is probably for the best. Because now we have the answer to that burning question, "will Ali ever be good enough for Aaron?" And the answer -- well, of course not. Because he's good, and she's trash.

Aaron: No, I did not say that, okay?

Alison: I did. And you know what? I don't care. I'd rather be trash than self-righteous and smug.

Jack: Katie. You haven't given me an answer yet, and I gotta tell you, my knee is getting a little sore.

Maddie: I have an idea. Let's discuss our greatness over pizza.

Noah: Great. Making like Spielberg always gets me hungry.

Ava: It's been 20 minutes. You should call him again.

Silas: Thanks. I couldn't read the clock, I couldn't manage that on my own -- and I forgot about the call.

Ava: When this is over, I'm taking a vacation. Alone.

Silas: Just shut up and drive.

Silas: You sound like you're out of breath. Take a sec. Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Jack: Where's my son? Let me talk to him.

Silas: Do me a favor. Why don't you stop acting like you're in charge when you're not? Ain't that right, J.J.?

Jack: What do you want?

Silas: That's better.

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