ATWT Best Lines Monday 7/9/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 7/9/07


Provided By Elayna

Emily: Why do you want me?

Dusty: Because you're hot. But I don't want you to think it's just physical.

Emily: Is it?

Dusty: Nope. I think you're brilliant.

Emily: You think I'm -- you think I'm brilliant?

Dusty: Well, you're not the sharpest tool in the shed. But your charm makes up for it.

Emily: Okay, you know what, you're blowing this.

Cleo: I'm so sorry that I hit you over the head. But later, when you wake up, I'll explain everything. And I'll kiss that bump on the back of your head and I'll make it all better. I hope you're wearing sun screen. I really wouldn't want that fair skin of yours to burn. And I'll bring back some aspirin since you're probably gonna have a little bit of a headache. So, sun screen, aspirin and tissues, since you're probably gonna be a little bit sad that Gwen's gone. You know what? I was really hoping that she would just dump you on her way to fame, but that's going to take a while. So I'm gonna take care of her top of everything else. Can you believe it? I have so, so, so much to do. But when I'm done, I'll come back for you, my sweet. Sleep tight. I'm going to take him with me because you gave him to me. I love him almost as much as I love you. I'll be back soon, my darling.

Aaron: It's too bad the picture quality is poor, but it's clear you're having a good time. So is Dusty.

Noah: My dad is. Listen, Luke, I know it was awkward before -- you walking in on me and Maddie.

Luke: More awkward for you guys. At least I still had my clothes on.

Cleo: I'll make him believe it. I love him too much. I care about you too, Gwen. Jade? Not so much.

Gwen: Then you should let us go. I mean, if you really care.

Cleo: Nope, sorry. Can't do that. Because if you try to get in the way of what nature intended, people suffer. You two really should have stayed out of the way. Anyway, got to go. Lot to do, if you know what I mean.

Jade: This won't work! You're not going to get away with this. The police are going to find you, and they're going to put you away, don't you know that? You're going to get arrested for attempted murder and for kidnapping! You're just making it worse.

Cleo: The police, huh? I'll take a note of that. I hadn't thought about it. Come on, my little friend. Good-bye everybody.

Gwen: Way to go, jade. Tell the psycho stalker that she'll go to jail for a hundred years! Now she's really going to let us go.

Dusty: Just smell the roses, would you?

Emily: That's so nice. They're beautiful.

Dusty: And you call yourself a newshound?

Emily: What's this (as she holds out two tickets)?

Dusty: A room near a bed on a beach.

Emily: You’re taking me to Bermuda?

Gwen: It's better. Just give it -- just give it a minute.

Jade: Oh, okay, yeah. That's fine. Just take your time and if we die of heat stroke? That's fine.

Jade: Would you please just concentrate on getting the ropes loose!

Gwen: I thought you said you were going to cooperate.

Jade: I said please!

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