ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 7/4/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 7/4/07


Provided By Elayna

Katie: She gets what she wants. Nobody sees it coming.

Jack: That's why I have you. Your eagle eyes will detect her schemes from miles away and you'll radio me. No surprises.

Katie: You make it sound like a game.

Jack: Every good game needs a good team. We're team, right? Together we can out-Carly Carly anytime.

Brad: Excuse me, but I think Carly was kissing me.

Lily: Looked heartfelt.

Carly: I'll admit Brad's -- affection took me by surprise. I'm not sure it what it has do with Jack.

Vienna: But I've been working on you for hours and I've not relaxed you. How will we ever start a business?

Henry: We'll just name this particular technique something appropriate like -- the Hannibal.

Vienna: I hurt you. I know longer know my own strength.

Henry: But have you so many other assets.

Carly: You know something about Brad. He's changed. Since I knew him last.

Katie: Knew him? You were married to him, weren't you?

Carly: So?

Katie: Just reflecting on what a busy year that must've been. Married three times, to different men if I'm not mistaken.

Brad: Okay. I admit there was a time I wanted to start something with Katie. She's really cute. If you go for that perky type.

Jack: And?

Brad: I'm not blowing it by hooking up with my co-star.

Brad: Why chase the horse when I found greener pastures, if you what I mean?

Jack: You mean Carly.

Brad: You should know. You have been through those pastures. Wink, wink.

Jack: It is sad to watch you try so hard to be convincing.

Aaron: If the man that loves you calls you a whore, it is easy to say the hell with it. That's what the people think.

Allison: Good you get it?

Aaron: I get it. I'm a high school dropout. A screw-up biker kid. I know all about living down to people's expectations.

Henry: Don't Henry me! What are you doing with Mr. Universe?

Bell Hop: We were just -- I mean, she was just --

Henry: I know what you were doing. Get out. Out. Out. Out. Out. And never again hold your hand out for a tip from me!

Vienna: Henry! You interrupted my session.

Henry: I, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

Vienna: Admit you're jealous.

Henry: Jealous? I saw your hands all over that muscle-bound luggage-lugger did take me by surprise.

Vienna: But it was totally innocent. You told me I should practice on other bodies, didn't you?

Henry: Yes. Old bodies with warts and wrinkles and important body parts shriveled up.

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