ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 6/19/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 6/19/07


Provided By Eva

Brad: How about a hand or two of cards? I am feeling lucky tonight.

Henry: Hey! Have cards, we'll travel. And I never turn down a free drink. Unless I have other plans.

Vienna: I would never hurt my Henry.

Brad: Yeah, but that leash you've got him on has got to pinch a bit.

Henry: Oh, Brad, let me tell you something. When a woman makes you as happy as Vienna makes me, you don't need a leash. Because you don't want to stray.

Brad: Henry, you are a domesticated animal.

Henry: Brad, you are a lonely guy.

Katie: I'm going to stay here with the other kids.

Jack: What about your brother's wedding?

Katie: I'll catch the next one.

Brad: Hey, Parker, it's your uncle Brad. Hey, give me a call, okay? Yeah, you know, I'll come and get you, man -- bail you out, no questions asked, whatever. Just call me. And be safe. And no talking to beautiful blondes.

Vienna: You know, it's my hands -- my hands. I'm really good with my hands.

Henry: Yes, yes, yes, I know that. But I'm not going to share the wealth. And besides, I think that's illegal.

Brad: Yeah, just the other day, she tried to make pie out of my face.

J.J.: Your face?

Brad: Oh yeah, yeah. Yeah, she pushed my face right into a pie shell. It was like Brad meringue.

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