ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 6/13/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 6/13/07


Provided By Elayna

Paul: How much did you have to fork over to get that pass key, Craig? It might be cheaper next time for you to just put a tail on Meg.

Craig: Yeah, what about that? Just a few weeks ago, you were camping out in the woods like Paul Bunyan. Now, look at you. Man of leisure, haunting the halls at the Lakeview. Why the sudden change, Ryan?

Maddie: Luke, you're the best writer in the whole school.

Luke: Why? Because some teacher decided I didn't suck as much as everybody else?

Paul: You're trespassing and I think a formal complaint would really throw a wrench in your wedding plans --

Craig: You know, Paul. You really are turning into a bitter man. I think you were better off being a hermit.

Paul: What can I say? I had to get out of the woods. It's a dangerous place.

Craig: It's not half as dangerous as what will come your way if you try to stop Meg from being my wife.

Barbara: Tell me Craig, do you always intend to treat your fiancée like some pet poodle who's pulled off her leash? That's what I can get you for you for a wedding gift. A rhinestone leash with a training collar. Oh, no, no, that's not a very good idea. Because you know what, people have to return all the gifts after your wedding fails.

Craig: I see your wit only improves with age, doesn't it?

Craig: Why are you deliberately not answering any of my questions?

Barbara: Do you really think I'm going to help you keep tabs on your fiancée? Become an accessory to your sham marriage?

Craig: All right, now this is classic. Barbara, you always go on the offensive when you're up to something. Now, should I be worried? Should I check my car for explosive devices? Drink bottled water?

Barbara: Craig, you better check that paranoia.

Paul: Well, we're going to go someplace where Craig can't find us.

Barbara: There is no witness protection plan for runaway brides, Paul.

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