ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 6/12/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 6/12/07


Provided By Eva

Carly: This is completely about the kids!

Jack: Yeah, right, after months of not knowing where their fugitive mother is, they have the thrill of a big custody fight. And we are wondering how to spend summer vacation.

Carly: You know what I think? That being sent away is not what's best for Parker. I think it might be what's best for you and Miss Congeniality!

Jack: Don't. Don't even go there!

Carly: Did I strike a nerve? Did I hit the nail right on the head? Ah, look who's here.

Katie: Okay. I get it. I will pretend that my brother's adequate, and I'll be nice about him getting married.

Margo: Thank you. And let us pray for Meg.

Katie: And her sanity

Katie: Girls' night out? Sounds good to me. Do you think we should throw Meg a shower?

Margo: I think we should stage an intervention.

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