ATWT Best Lines Friday 6/8/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 6/8/07


Provided By Elayna

Jack: This is about the kids. That's the only reason I'm concerned about you bothering Carly.

Brad: I live with your kids every day and I haven't managed to corrupt them yet.

Katie: Yeah. He saw us and then he called Kim.

Jack: What are you a stalker now? What are you, some kind of peeping tom? Man, you are one sick puppy.

Dusty: You think you're getting back at me for exposing Emily? Why would you assume I even care?

Cheri: You're right. It was a gamble. But by the look on your face -- it seems I hit the jackpot.

Carly: Who's going to hire me? One look at my rap sheet, you think some headhunter's going to look at my resume?

Lily: You'll need backers, first.

Carly: Yeah, the money guys. They're lined up to back a former fugitive who's going to be on probation the rest of her life.

Carly: Well, at least you didn't leave your children behind.

Lily: Carly, there's more than one way to leave a child behind. Ask faith.

Lily: I know it's hard. But you have to try. First thing you have to do is set your priorities.

Carly: You have been to rehab, haven't you?

Lily: Oh, no. No more guts than you coming back here. But really, you have no idea how much you'd be helping me if you let me back you. I mean, if you don't mind going into business with a pill-popper who signs over a fortune 500 company, I'm your girl.

Carly: The pill-popper would be the one doing all the helping, Lily.

Lily: If we both think we're getting the better end of the deal, that is a match made in heaven.

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