ATWT Best Lines Friday 6/1/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 6/1/07


Provided By Elayna

Maddie: Don't I look great?

Luke: Yes, Maddie. We're like the perfect prom couple. Except I'm gay, and your boyfriend's in jail.

Sage: But we're putting this box together for Mommy. Cards and pictures and stuff from while she was gone.

Parker: If she wanted to see what I looked like, she could have stuck around.

Carly: Well, I love it. My-my, that video game must be fascinating.

Parker: You'd like it. Cops and robbers.

Carly: And, this is the part where I say something nice to parker, and parker does not respond because he's glaring at a video game. So I will say something nice to you, jack. You look handsome.

Parker: He's got a hot date.

Maddie: Oh my -- I must have hit the wrong button. I was supposed to send it to my boyfriend.

Noah: And not a perfect stranger? Well, that's good to know, because to be honest, I thought it was a little bit forward, you know? I mean, real friendly, but forward.

Maddie: You're really enjoying this, aren't you?

Noah: A little bit. By the way, I'm Noah.

Maddie: And I'm embarrassed. Maddie. You, uh, you the new intern?

Jack: Well, you know, it's a man's watch. How come it looks so good on you? How come everything looks so good on you?

Katie: I've got flair. I'm a very flairful woman.

Jack: I agree.

Katie: Okay, no. Don't start that now. Your salmon mousse will be warm and your rack of lamb will be cold.

Jack: You cooked?

Katie: I was busy becoming flairful. But I dialed the phone all by myself.

Sage: Parker didn't save anything.

Parker: I thought that I could just give you my notes from therapy.

Sage: I got allergies while you were gone. And I only had to have one shot.

Carly: And now you're on medication?

Parker: I think all of us should have been. Welcome home.

Dusty: I didn't mean to hurt her feelings.

Susan: Well, you must be a very gifted amateur. Because a pro couldn't have done it better.

Jack: You know, I can now understand why Shakespeare didn't give Romeo an ex-wife and three kids.

Katie: Good. Well, kid, I'm going to go get you mousse and a rack.

Jack: That sounds so hot the way you just said that.

Katie: Be prepared to be bowled over by my domestic prowl.

Dusty: How do I find him?

Alison: He has a room at the Lakeview Hotel. I'll go with you.

Dusty: No, you'll stay here.

Alison: But, Lance is sneaky.

Dusty: And I have anger control issues. Oh well.

Luke: What kind of idiot turns off his cell phone on the first day of work?

Noah: This kind of idiot. Hi, Noah Mayer.

Maddie: Why? Because one, Kim told me to. And two, I need to get him in private so I can explain to him that you are not as big of a jerk as you are acting right now. We'll start with the editing room.

Carly: My, my. When I left, you were conniving and vindictive. Now you've got this whole Mary Poppins/Mother Teresa thing going on.

Katie: Carly --

Carly: With hairdressing skills to boot. My whole family just adores you.

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