ATWT Best Lines Friday 5/25/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 5/25/07


Provided By Elayna

Dusty: Hey, that smile really works for you.

Lucinda: Yeah, it's on my face. I'm going to keep it there.

Dusty: What changed? New yacht? New plane?


Brad: Why do you always go back to her, Jack? She is bad news, man! She helped some guy steal millions in jewels, then she ran off. She left her kids so she didn't have to go to prison. Why can't you just leave this alone?

Jack: As soon as I got the slightest interest in your opinions, I'll be sure to ask.


Katie: What are you saying? That Carly would seduce jack in the interrogation room?

Vienna: Small room, hot man, shifty woman.


Lucinda: Hey, now wait a minute! Wait a minute. Sometimes I get lucky and my wishes come true. Oh, my heavens. Are you having dinner with Emily and Alison?

Dusty: And Susan.

Lucinda: With Susan? Good grief. That has all the trappings of a meet the new boyfriend movie.

Dusty: I'm nobody's boyfriend, you know that.


Carly: I don't even have anything to bargain with. So if I get these 25 years, do you think that parker will forgive me by then?


Lucinda: I'm so very fond of you, Meg. I really am. But if you cast yourself in the role of Craig Montgomery's nurse, protector -- you're going to live a life so dangerous -- what are you doing? Who are you calling? Paul?

Meg: Jack. I am sure he's going to be interested to hear about your favorite coffee flavoring.

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