ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 5/23/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 5/23/07


Provided By Elayna

Lucinda: It's wonderful that rehab has brought out this side of your personality, darling. I think my advice to you is go home, focus on your family and your health. Leave Craig to me.

Lily: How? After using Rosanna to try to push him over the edge, you have a tough act to follow, mother.

Margo: After he has his press conference. Announces his decision. But as far as he's concerned the case is closed. A courier from the consulate is coming over to pick up the necklace now. It's in the lab so if you excuse me, I'm going to go try it on.

Paul: You know, I do respect her, but it doesn't matter how smart and resourceful she is if she's dead.

Craig: And he reported to me that you went to your mother's farm, just as you said you would.

Meg: Did he also tell you what I had for dinner, or what time I brushed my teeth, or where I went when I slipped out of the house?

Craig: Look, it won't happen again. But after I saw you and how angry you got with Lucinda and Paul over what they had done to me, I had to make sure that that was real. Look, as soon as the private eye reported to me, I just felt like kicking myself for doubting you. I mean, I realize that you would never be in collaboration like that with Paul. But, that kind of deceit, it's just not in your nature.

Meg: Why are you so sure? Why don't you implant me with one of those microchips.

Katie: I was just facing reality. That I'm not going on a romantic date to Chicago tonight because my date's wife is back in town.

Paul: Why are you still here?

Lucinda: Obviously, I waited because I wanted to find out if you had machine-gunned your way into Craig's inner sanctum and ruined everything.

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