ATWT Best Lines Thursday 5/17/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 5/17/07


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Craig: No. Well, maybe if Lucinda and Paul hadn't acted like a couple of mangy vultures, I might have considered it. But she crossed the line. And she joined forces with the son of Steinbeck. I don't care what anybody in this town thinks, I cared for Rosanna. And to use that caring to try to force --

Lily: To what? To force you to what?

Craig: Suffice it to say, I will never forgive your mother for that.

Craig: And I have survived losing all of you. I will survive this. I will be the greatest the CEO this company has ever seen.

Lily: And when you turn around to share it with someone, who's going to be there? No one. I was the last person in this town that gave a damn about what happened to you. Now, what do you have? Nothing. That does not make you a success. That makes you the saddest man I have ever known.

Meg: Yes! I know that. That's the point. It was all one big lie. His plan to unseat Lucinda was already underway long before he thought I betrayed him. He was manipulating me into thinking that it was all my fault. And for that, he needs to pay. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Paul: I'm just trying to figure out exactly when it happened.

Meg: When what happened?

Paul: When you became me.

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