ATWT Best Lines Friday 4/27/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 4/27/07


Provided By Elayna

Meg: I am not waiting for Paul.

Craig: Well, you didn't put on that dress for meeting with your book club.

Meg: Look, I don't blame him. Residents probably shouldn't date nurses who kill people.

Emily: Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, this is a real blast. This is exactly how I want to live my life. Half babysitter, half enforcer? And you know what the best part of my job is? I get to see all that gratitude in your eyes. So, you know what? Want to go home, and make some popcorn and glare at each other tonight?

Lucinda: You're late.

Paul: Oh, stop. Like you have anything better to do since you lost your company.

Paul: We're going to be the best of friends. May I?

Lucinda: Sure. Help yourself. I found the Merlot a little aggressive, with a disappointing finish. I think it will suit you.

Paul: Shh. Shh. Checking a message.

Lucinda: You have to do that? I thought you were clairvoyant. Don't you just see them?

Paul: Yeah, you keep talking like that, and maybe we wouldn't be best friends.

Meg: I was enjoying a nice spring night. I saw my first crocus. And that made me happy.

Craig: Right. So I've decided to believe you.

Meg: Be still my heart.

Craig: Because seeing you tonight is better than spring. So I have decided to believe you about Paul because -- because I want you more than I want to be smart.

Alison: Jesse. I'm sure that you've seen every Tarantino movie there is like 100 times. But when you live in Oakdale with your parents, your street cred -- it's not that great. So, we're not going to play like you're dangerous, 'cause I've seen dangerous and you're not that. What this is, is a local product supplier with a preferred customer who deserves respect. She has a lot of money and will be treated with prompt and courteous service.

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