ATWT Best Lines Thursday 4/26/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 4/26/07


Provided By Eva

Vienna: You should be sorry you are not the man I thought you were your heart is missing.

Henry: What about Brad where is his heart.

Vienna: How should I know.

Henry: Maybe you should find out because he seems to be able to make you forget about poor hearless me.

Brad: You know I am almost jealous not just of Henry but of Jack too.

Katie: Yeah they both really had a shot with her didn't they.

Brad: yeah maybe but they also had a shot with you but that was when you wee you know really fun.

(Margo to Jack): C'mon you and Katie have a really good thing going here you've known each other a long long time and I have known Katie a long time too so I think she rally needs you now Jack are you ready to be needed.

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