ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 4/18/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 4/18/07


Provided By Elayna

Lucinda: Hello. What are you doing here?

Lily: Waiting for you.

Lucinda: Stalking me? I don't talk to stalkers.

Lily: Ah, I guess your yoga class didn't give you enough serenity to talk to your own daughter.

Tom: Hey, what are you working on?

Casey: Statistical probability, and I hate it.

Tom: You hate probability? That might be why that online gambling thing didn't work out for you.

Margo: Jack, why did she run out of here like that? She said she kind of, sort of, really needed to talk to me.

Jack: She didn't seem to make much sense.

Margo: Oh. Was she interrupting herself and using so many pronouns you didn't know what she was talking about?

Jack: Exactly, like that.

Margo: All right, Jack, spill. What the happened between the two of you at that wedding?

Brad: You saw Jack, again, didn't you?

Katie: How do --

Brad: How did I know? You're so mad you can't even say narcissistic and you're looking for someone to blame for how mad you are? This has Jack Snyder written all over it.

Katie: You're so wrong about everything.

Brad: Oh, I guess when the two of you this morning in the kitchen, you were swapping recipes and not spit?

Jack: The good thing is that I really know -- I know who she is. And I know what she's capable of. And what she's done. So it's easier to resist the whole situation. That why I can make sure that nothing happens. Nothing that could complicate things.

Margo: Yeah. Boy, that thing that didn't happen sure must have been something.

Lily: Don't turn your back on me. Please, not this time.

Lucinda: Oh, great, great. My favorite thing. A round in public.

Casey: So he just left her standing at the altar?

Maddie: I guess he figured he didn't have any other choice.

Casey: Wow. So I guess you didn't get to eat any cake?

Maddie: You know what, I really used to think that you were a nice person.

Casey: I'm sorry, but I've seen fruit flies that last longer than their engagement.

Maddie: I know.

Katie: He kissed me.

Katie: And I think I kind of liked it.

Margo: Huh. So that's is all you did?

Katie: Why do you sound surprised by that?

Margo: Given your track record, that shows remarkable restraint.

Katie: We were in Emma's kitchen, not Paris or the back seat of a car.

Margo: So this dither that you went into in the station, that's all because of one kiss?

Katie: Have I ever accused you of going into a dither? Ever?

Margo: Well, I've never been in one. Jack, huh?

Katie: I've never seen anyone as good with kids as he is.

Margo: Oh, yeah. Well, that always sends me into the throes of passions.

Katie: Did he say that to you?

Margo: We're cops, not girlfriends. He did once mention that you weren't such a bad driver. And that -- that's huge for Jack.

Katie: So you're saying he didn't say anything about kissing me?

Margo: You know what, he passed me a note in study hall.

Jack: You know, there are books and movies about brothers who talk about their personal lives. We're not those brothers.

Brad: Which is pretty much the reason why your life is a disaster.

Brad: A little tongue wrestling in the kitchen and you're both like, "what does that mean?" I mean, did that mean what I think it meant, or did it mean something else? You guys are exhausting. What?

Jack: This is an awful moment.

Brad: Why?

Jack: Why? Because I'm actually considering the possibility that -- that you could be right.

Brad: Does there always have to be something in it for me?

Jack: Yes! Yes! You don't do anything unless it directly benefits you in some way. And the last time you cared about my personal life was when Becky Meister dumped me the night of the prom, and you asked if you could take her corsage to see if you could sell it!

Brad: Oh, come on! I thought there was a ready market.

Jack: Right. And Brad, this -- talking like this, man to man --

Brad: Yeah?

Jack: I never want to do it again.

Katie: Really? I think you're here to grill your brother about something that is clearly none of your business.

Brad: No, no, my brother and I are close. There are no secrets.

Katie: You're close, huh?

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Katie: When's his birthday?

Brad: It's in the summer.

Katie: Brad, go back to the studio -- read some letters, call the lady from Arlington who wants to see you naked -- but just go!

Brad: So you can talk to jack?

Katie: What part of "none of your business" don't you understand?

Katie: Oh, come on! You know what? I have done some horrible, awful things in my life, but I don't know what I did to deserve having you push your way into my personal life.

Brad: I did not.

Katie: You barged into the kitchen this morning, you gave me the third degree at work, and then you scuttled over here and got Jack to leave.

Brad: I do not scuttle.

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