ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 4/10/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 4/10/07


Provided By Eva

Jack: Oh? So, out with it. Why are you here?

Brad: I came to finish what you started when you took your frustrations out on my face.

Jack: You and I don't have any more business, Brad.

Brad: Oh, yes we do --

Jack: That ring around your eye was my final word.

Lucinda: No. No! Because in the charter -- no, the name cannot be changed, no matter whose hand is at the helm.

Craig: Oh, well, you see, the board voted to override the charter. It's the dawn of a new era around here.

Lucinda: You can't do it!

Craig: They've already done it. What do you care about it, anyway? It's not longer your company.

Lucinda: I named it.

Craig: Oh, what's in a name, anyway? Denial? See, I'm afraid that you think that as long as it's called Worldwide, you won't have to admit that your beloved daughter signed over your company to your hated ex son-in-law.

Lucinda: Oh, Craig -- Craig, I've battled cancer. You're nothing. You're just a gnat in my soup, an annoyance -- no, don't worry! The lawyers will get the situation turned around.

Craig: Yeah, well, I won't hold my breath. You should see the new stationary, Lucinda. Oh, look! Look at the business cards. They're modern, yet elegant. And the board loved the look of the new prospectus. Oh, as long as we're throwing around the French, this is what's called a fait accompli. And 1,000 lawyers can't change that. So, you say good-bye to worldwide, Lucinda, and hello to Montgomery Enterprises.

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