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As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 4/5/07

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Jade: She threatened me in front of Alís. She made it sound like she would slit my throat if I did anything to spoil your happy little marriage.

Will: You know, I feel sorry because I know what it's like to have my mom go crazy on you, but she was just threatening you. She's not going to hurt you. She wants to make sure you're not going to talk to the police. She was protecting us.

Jade: She was protecting you from me? Maddie tries to kill your brother and your wife covers it up, and I'm dangerous?

Dusty: $32,000?

Emily: Cash.

Dusty: Did you make that on your back?

Emily: No, sometimes I was on top.

Dusty: Let's get back to the 32 grand. At your rate, that's over 30 guys.

Emily: Or five guys who came back for more.

Dusty: Well, there you go, you've got happy customers.

Jack: Since I know the layout, how about we go grab a bite and we talk about it?

Katie: Al's?

Jack: We're getting two sides of fries this time.

Katie: Oh, what kind of friendship is this gonna be? You're not even going to let me have my illusions?

Vienna: But nothing happened. You left to buy that gorgeous ring and then he came and knocked on the door with an inferior bottle of champagne.

Brad: That hurts. I spent a lot of money on that champagne.

Vienna: No, but it's all true! Tell him, brad! Tell him how I tried to push you away and we fell on the bed!

Brad: There is nothing like a soft landing.

Brad: You believe that, Henry? I mean, come on, you really believe that? I mean, not that you aren't a real interesting guy. I'm sure if I dug deep down, I would find a thing or two that would hold my interest, but, oh, man, let's be honest here. You're you and Vienna's made the rounds, but hey, if you two got it going on, who am I to argue, right?

Vienna: Made the rounds? How dare you! Hit him, Henry.

Henry: Hit him?

Vienna: Yes, hit him. He just called me a slut. You have to defend my honor. En Garde, brad!

Vienna: I don't care how many titles a man has. If he's a bore, he's a bore, and Dolly -- he was the most selfish man I've ever met in my entire life. It was all about him. He even used to watch himself in the mirror when we were --

Henry: Yeah, that's overshare, overshare, overshare, sweetheart.

Henry: Well, what happened is I went home and found her in bed with brad.

Jack/Katie: What?

Henry: Yeah, so it just sort of sucked the air out of the old balloon, you know?

Katie: Oh, this is all my fault. I was giving brad a hard time at the studio today. He kept going on and on about how he was irresistible, and I said that Vienna had no problem resisting him.

Jack: Like waving a red cape in front of a bull.

Henry: Okay, all right, fine, say I want to marry her. Fine, Katie. What then? She catches the eye of some professional linebacker or a senator. Better yet, another prince, and then she's off, and I'm left just a bleeding wreck and it takes me two years to drink myself back to sanity and another year to hold a pool cue and another five years to bluff. I've got my career to think about here. It's not worth it.

Brad: And this is your business because?

Jack: Because Henry's a friend of mine!

Brad: And I'm your brother!

Jack: Exactly, so the next time you let me down, I'm not gonna go so easy on you!

Brad: Man, I was just trying to prove a point.

Jack: What, that you're a jackass? Case closed.

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