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As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 4/3/07

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Lance: Yeah, I don't have time for questions, all right? So, if you want to keep your clothes on, you can yak it up with the security guys on the way out, all right? In here, you take it off.

Tom: If you can't do it, give the job to Dallas or Jack. But I'm not going to stand around while my wife loses her job because my son is not man enough to stand up and do the right thing.

Gwen: It used to be so easy to feel better than her. She lied about being pregnant with your child. I knew that I could never do anything that sleazy and that cold

Gwen: Maddie and I almost killed Adam. Even on jade's worst day, she can't top that.

Will: What do you want?

Barbara: A kiss hello would be nice.

Will: An explanation would be better.

Gwen: Will --

Barbara: It's okay, Gwen. I'd be a little grumpy, too, if I'd just given away my entire trust fund to my mother-in-law, the ex-con.

Barbara: But I earned it. That money is the result of decades of my blood, sweat and tears. And now that woman is profiting from my labor? I don't think so, will!

Will: Mom, it's done.

Barbara: You know what? That doesn't cut it. I'm not asking for an apology, I'm not asking for gratitude, and I certainly know that I'm not expecting any of your love after the last few years. But I will not stand for another minute without knowing why you threw my money away!

Barbara: Do you think I'd think any less of you? Gwen, the upside of having a mother-in-law like me is that there's nothing that you could do that I probably haven't done myself. I still love you. I always will. And I'll make sure that no one ever puts your happiness in jeopardy again.

Gwen: I really think your mom might be the most bizarre mother-in-law in the entire world.

Will: Well, that makes sense, 'cause she's the most bizarre mother in the world.

Gwen: I think she even likes me better now that she knows that I've done something really horrible.

Barbara: You lying, conniving, vicious, backstabbing, home wrecking little --

Jade: Oh, Barbara, you should buy a noun.

Barbara: Bitch. That noun work for you?

Jade: You know, it perfectly describes you.

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