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As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 4/2/07

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Brad: You win! And one heck of a prize -- me.

Katie: Does your ego come with that?

Brad: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I forgot to share the love -- you win Katie, too.

Katie: Why don't we tell our audience exactly what that means?

Brad: All right. All right, well, if you win the contest, you get a home visit from the shallow, but incredibly beautiful Katie Peretti and the handsome and overwhelmingly talented yours truly. Would you like to tell them what a home visit is, darling?

Henry: You have to sleep to dream. We haven't slept in ages.

Vienna: Well, that's because you've been sending me to the moon.

Henry: I remember I gave you a trip in limo, I never thought I would be projected through space, but now, I'm a love-astronaut!

Craig: No, no, hear me out, okay? Now the board of directors, they want to take the company in a new direction.

Lily: Which direction is that? To hell in a hand basket?

Craig: So, you want to have a spitting contest, or do you care about the company?

Katie: You better stop being such a wise guy or my lug wrench is going to make contact with your skull.

Henry: You know, I shouldn't propose on an empty stomach. I'm starving, aren't you? Let's get some breakfast, and then some lunch, and then maybe some lovely darjeeling, little tea cakes at 4:00? What do you say?

Vienna: You don't want to marry me --

Henry: Wait a second, I didn't say that.

Vienna: Then why won't you accept my proposal? Didn't last night mean anything to you?

Henry: What, are you crazy? Last night was the most incredible -- it was the most amazing and beautiful -- I'm running out of superlatives here --

Vienna: Well, then marry me, and you never have to run out.

Henry: Will we ever get any sleep?

Lily: Oh, I see now. You're afraid of a mutiny. You want me to smooth things over. Was that the ultimatum? Get the daughter or we'll sell our shares?

Craig: Hardly. They simply made a suggestion. And I agreed with them. And quite frankly, I think we work well together.

Lily: Why would you say that? Why? Because I was so easily manipulated in the past? Tell me something, please. Was it always part of your plan to stab me in the back or did you get the idea when you saw me taking the diet pills?

Brad: Are you kidding? She's crazy about me. All the ladies are. You know, why not? Why not? You know, I'm easy on the eyes, I'm really, really funny, Iím --

Jack: Humble.

Brad: Whatever. But you know, they just keep coming back, don't they? It's like, I'm dipped in chocolate.

Jack: You know, Vienna, you should have Brad be your ring bearer.

Brad: I think I'm getting my teeth pulled that day.

Jack: Well, we got to focus on what's wonderful in our lives. I've got Parker and Sage and J.J. They're wonderful.

Katie: And I've got Snickers. And some dead house plants.

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