ATWT Best Lines Friday 3/30/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 3/30/07


Provided By Elayna

Craig: You don't recognize your own board members or did the old lady not give you a seat at the table?

Lucinda: Hey. Take a pew.

Dusty: So what is this, surrender?

Lucinda: No. I'm circling the wagons.

Dusty: Well, the rest of your wagons are sitting down with Montgomery right now in your boardroom.

Lucinda: He didn't waste much time, did he? Have they gone over to the dark side yet?

Maddie: Casey, turning yourself in isn't right or romantic or heroic. It's just stupid.

Dusty: I quit.

Craig: I got that from line one. Why? Why not stick around? Work on the inside. You know, sharpen your knives, and report back to medusa. See if you can out-maneuver me. Could be fun.

Dusty: Lucinda's going to get worldwide back without my help.

Craig: Well, not according to the board members. They think that while she was sunning herself in Montega, Lucinda's daughter was poisoning innocent babies.

Dusty: You didn't win anything today.

Craig: Really? Care to check out my stock portfolio?

Dusty: The real prize was never Worldwide. It was finding Lucy and Johnny. How'd that work out for you?

Will: Well, that doesn't mean we have to go back.

Gwen: Your whole family is there.

Will: You make that sound like it's a perk.

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