ATWT Best Lines Thursday 3/29/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 3/29/07


Provided By Eva

(Lucinda to Craig) "Well as somebody on the supreme court once said paternity is not a blank check"

Lucinda: " Yes because I love them and I will do anything I can to save them from you"

Craig: " Well anything doesn't mean that its some sort of figure of speech anything means that you lose this company now anything means that your out on your ameritus"

Lucinda: "Oh he'll know"

Craig: "Where my Children are?"

Lucinda: My Aunt Sarah's pound cake Darling the minute I heard about the contract I dumped anything anything off that that could have been of any help to you you peasant"

(Lily to Craig) " There goes someone with some class something you know nothing about"

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