ATWT Best Lines Monday 3/26/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 3/26/07


Provided By Elayna

Parker: What is it?

Faith: All he'd tell me is that it would help us. I forgot the word.

Paul: Prog -- prog -- prognosticate. Portend. Foresee, predict, prophesy?

Parker: You've been reading the dictionary again, Paul? You really got to get out more.

Paul: You don't know what a swami is? You're hopeless. I'm the swami. I'm the swami. Now, close your eyes. I'm not kidding close your eyes. Now free yourselves of all negative feeling. And no giggling, please. You don't want to offend the spirits.

Paul: It better not be a fake, it cost me $19.95. Now, breath. And empty your minds.

Parker: Got an hour?

Paul: Okay, fool with the occult and see what happens. Put your hands -- just your fingers on the planchette.

Faith: The what?

Paul: The planchette.

Paul: Oh, great spirit are you with us? If you are, please pay no attention to the giggling girl, and speak, spirit, speak.

Meg: Yes, you did. But when I said no, you didn't cross me off the list. Okay, maybe you bought me some ridiculously expensive necklace and -- you did try to help me keep my job by planting that diary at the hospital. But you wouldn't do that now. I mean there hasn't been a grand gesture in days.

Faith: Paul! Aunt Meg loves Paul! Aunt Meg, you love Paul.

Paul: The Ouija never lies.

Craig: Dusty! And to what do I owe this discomfort?

Paul: Oh, great spirit who knows all kinds of things that nobody else can seem to figure out, who is it, that auntie meg just can't resist?

Meg: You're really asking for it.

Paul: You need to focus. Come on great spirit give is a name.

Parker: "C"?

Paul: Oh, great spirit, you are completely wrong!

Craig: You should be scared. Because unlike lily, I read everything that I sign. In fact, I'm so thorough my lawyer thinks that I don't need him. I've researched worldwide from top to bottom. I've read every memo you've ever read, even memos that Lucinda never shared with you. I know worldwide better than you. I know her strengths, her weaknesses, her secrets.

Paul: Yeah. These visions that I'm having, they're from a place that I have no power over. So I've had to learn to live my life without trying to control things.

Meg: Except the Ouija board. You reserve the right to control that --

Paul: No, faith did that. Because she likes me.

Meg: Oh, foolish girl.

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