ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 2/28/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 2/28/07


Provided By Elayna

Maddie: She made up that message from Adam so she doesn't have to feel like such a loser.

Jade: It's always a thrill with you two. Let's do this again in, like, two years.

Henry: What I'm talking about is a very substantial gratuity for my -- what did you call it? My discretion.

Vienna: Well, you know what, there is another word -- blackmail.

Henry: Well, a rose by any other name, sweetheart.

Vienna: Why would I pay you anything when you know nothing?

Henry: Feds -- wow. You know, the bad thing about the feds, they have way too many guns and no sense of humor.

Henry: Why, you won't survive, won't stay alive? Oh, great. Great, I'm going to have that in my head for the next week.

Vienna: If you leave me now --

Henry: You know what? Song lyrics are not going to change my mind. You have a grip like a vice!

Vienna: Oh, don't you see? Fate meant for you to help me. You know, we were brought together by something bigger than what we are!

Henry: I'm losing the sensation in my hand.

Gwen: No? The little phone fairies fly down and erase the message --

Jade: You smug little --

Maddie: Hey, hey, maybe it was a special message that only female dogs can hear.

Vienna: Here.

Henry: Would you like a receipt for this?

Vienna: What, for my tax records? You know, $2,000 for bribing a limo driver.

Henry: Okay. Apparently, $2,000 buys you the right to be rude and demanding.

Vienna: Just start the car!

[ Engine stalling ] What happened? What are you doing?

Henry: Do you ever have that feeling that you've forgotten something? I've had that feeling all day.

Vienna: What did you forget?

Henry: To get gas.

Vienna: Yeah, now I understand. She put you up to this, you know this is her petty attempt to get back at me.

Henry: Yeah Vienna, that's what it is. She set the whole thing up with the feds, and then she pulled some strings to make sure I was the limo driver, and then she siphoned the tank. It's the only logical explanation.

Henry: Sweetheart you are dressed for Cannes, all right, not February in Illinois.

Vienna: You know what? In my country, we just laugh at the cold.

Henry: Really, you laugh at it? In your country do you walk out in four-inch stilettos on the icy road in the pitch black? You're out of your mind.

Henry: I'm unarmed and she left ten minutes ago. It was a setup, officer, I had no idea she was a fugitive.

Vienna: Open the door, Henry.

Henry: Vienna, I thought you were the feds.

Vienna: Obviously.

Henry: And I was just trying to engage them to help you escape.

Vienna: Open the door! You can lie to me once I'm inside.

Henry: Oh wow, you look like --

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