ATWT Best Lines Monday 2/26/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 2/26/07


Provided By Elayna

Brad: Yeah, yeah, I had to tape another segment. You got to see this one. This is great. You know that wild, vicious dog I had to stun? Brought it in here. I had it eating out of my hand.

Katie: Lucky he didn't lose his hand.

Maddie: Okay, just because Margo said they found a body, doesn't mean that it was Adam.

Gwen: How many bodies do you think are lying around in the middle of the woods?

Katie: Okay, who has the ball?

Jack: It's a puck. It's a hockey puck. It's about yea-big, flat on both sides, so it can slide on the ice --

Katie: Got it. I know. Hockey puck. I've heard of it. The guys with no teeth. Ow! Did you see that? The guy with the blood running down his face just hit the other guy with his pole.

Jack: It's a stick. It's a hockey stick.

Katie: Well, whatever. It was clearly assault. You should probably arrest him.

Craig: So, where's Lily gone? To buy a gun? I have some spare ammunition if she wants to finish you off.

Craig: Of course, you would. You wouldn't be able to resist. Oh, that's right. Focus on the menu. It's so important, whether or not you have the cottage cheese or the fruit cup.

Brad: You could stop traffic with that thing. What did you do, bro? You hit her with a two-by-four?

Katie: It's not that bad.

Brad: Hello, vacation.

Katie: Oh, my God. What do you mean?

Brad: There's no way you could do the show looking like that.

Jack: They have makeup, Brad?

Brad: There's not enough makeup in this state to cover that thing. You know what? I guess I'll just have to take over until your face calms down, but no worries, okay, I will keep your seat warm.

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