ATWT Best Lines Thursday 2/15/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 2/15/07


Provided By Elayna

Brad: You know, is the babbling really necessary? Can't you keep it down? I'm sleeping here.

Katie: Just plain Brad Snyder, everybody, one of my coworkers here at WOAK. The last time Brad and I saw each other, he was pouring beer all over me and now it seems he's taken over my office. But he was just leaving.

Brad: You know -- no, no, my momma told me never to leave a lady's place messier than when I came in.

Brad: Oh, that's absolutely fabulous, Katie. But you know, we all know what an expert at butt-busting you are. You know, you've certainly busted mine up one side of this town and down the other. Could you show me exactly how this works?

Brad: Got it. But are you supposed to do it with a buddy, you know? Kind of like this? Come on, work with me.

Katie: Yeah, I'll work with you? And then I'll kill you.

Brad: At least I'll die happy. That's one hell of a tight butt.

Brad: So it kind of works like this, right? Yes!

Katie: No!

Brad: Yes!

Katie: No! That is not working out, that's groping.

Meg: This is one of your tactics, isn't it? Up the ante with a vision of impending doom.

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