ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 2/14/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 2/14/07


Provided By Elayna

Brad: You know, when I got dressed tonight for my hot date with Vienna -- you know, the goddess of love, I didn't think to bring along work gloves.

Jack: I think they'll go great with your tie. My tie, actually.

Brad: You're killing me. You're killing me.

Vienna: Would you mind closing that door, please?

Katie: Don't you think it's a little late to be worried about your reputation?

Brad: You know, you have the almost unnatural ability to ruin my fun.

Katie: Won't I toss and turn about that one tonight.

Brad: What are you doing here? And don't you knock?

Katie: No, I don't normally knock when entering my own office.

Vienna: Your office?

Katie: You two are a real class act. What, no room at the no-tell motel? Too many pizza boxes in his back seat?

Brad: Your office?

Katie: Yeah, there were signs, like, perhaps, my nameplate, which, obviously, you threw on the floor.

Katie: Oh, and we all know how much you love a man with a big project.

Brad: Almost as much as you love being the black hole of fun. All right, Vienna, let's get out of here, baby.

Brad: Like you could do that.

Katie: Oh, maybe. Maybe I could. Just maybe I could, if I tell her what you and Miss congeniality were doing on my desk.

Vienna: Oh, so according to you, it's okay to sleep with someone else but your husband, as long as it doesn't include office furniture?

Meg: Well, one good thing about cleaning out my locker, I found an earring I lost two months ago --

Craig: Meg.

Meg: Now the question is, can I find its mate?

Craig: The light from that kind of thinking would take 8 million years to reach me.

Jack: He was filling in for one of your crew members. I was hoping this would turn into something, you know, permanent.

Katie: Oh, that was not the information to get me to change my mind about calling Kim.

Jack: He needs a chance, Katie. Just a chance.

Katie: He needs to get hosed down! Every time I see him he's all over that Finnish floozy.

Jack: I thought she was Swedish.

Katie: But just tell me, how did you end up with a brother like that? I've met him, what -- three or four times? He makes me want to throw things.

Jack: Ah yeah, well brad has a tendency to rub people the wrong way at first. But, give it a couple of weeks. You'll want to kill him.

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