ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 2/6/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 2/6/07


Provided By Elayna

Henry: Ten grand? That's a lot of ponies. Ooh, I think I just lost my appetite.

Henry: I see. And the reason that I'm springing for this continental breakfast becomes very clear. All right, tell brother Henry how he can help you out, kitten.

Henry: Oh, yeah, absolutely, absolutely. The last place you want to go with money that's not yours is to the bank. And the security cameras always capture your good side when you're doing something bad. If there's any life lesson I can impart to you over pancakes, let that be it.

Henry: I forbid it. Those places are not safe. And the guys that work there, they're a little shady. They've got the tattoos and the body hairs, and the rings in the nose --

Maddie: That's funny. You just described Gus, my lab partner in physics.

Henry: That's cute. Can't you just get will and Gwen, like, a nice card, or treat them to a latte?

Tev: What does this friend of yours look like?

Maddie: Okay, she's tall, sort of exotic-looking -- model thin -- I don't know, I guess some people might find her attractive.

Jade: I didn't steal those stupid bonds.

Maddie: Oh, jade, thank you. Thank you so much. Now that you said that you didn't steal them, I can sleep, and I believe you --

Jade: You just don't know when to quit.

Maddie: That's really funny. That is really funny.

Jade: Oh, really?

Maddie: Coming from a girl who was obsessed with will for months on end.

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