ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 1/31/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 1/31/07


Provided By Elayna

Vienna: And stop that! I swore to myself never to get in between two brothers again. That one time in shanghai -- that was enough.

Jack: I don't think you have to worry about history repeating itself.

Jack: I just don't want anything to ruin Lily's dinner.

Brad: Like showing the guest of honor the door before he's had a bite to eat? Something like that?

Jack: There's a drive-thru a couple miles down the road. Next time, maybe the guest of honor will think twice before spouting his mouth off.

Brad: Well, you know, I'm kind of used to that. I'm sort of the anti-jack around here.

Vienna: The what? I don't know the meaning of that.

Brad: I'll break it down for you. Jack is the saint and I'm the sinner.

Vienna: Ah-ha. Exactly how naughty have you been, Brad Snyder?

Brad: That's tough to tell, 'cause the night is still young.

Jack: I'm sorry you had to walk in on this (about Vienna and Brad rolling around kissing on the kitchen table.)

Parker: In this family, I guess I should get used to it.

Jack: What the hell is going on here, people? I got three kids living in this house, and you guys are carrying on like a couple of teenagers in the backseat. What's so funny, brad?

Brad: No, no, I'm sorry, man. I'm sorry, you're right. Showing affection in front of children -- that's a bad, bad thing.

Jack: Put your shirt on, Romeo.

Brad: Wait a minute, bud. Emma invited her to stay here. You can't just kick her out.

Jack: The hell I can't. My kids are confused enough as it is, Brad. And how is it helping them by you turning this into some kind of frat house.

Jack: Then you can start paying rent, just like me, too.

Brad: Oh, come on, man. You know I'm low on cash right now. Why don't just cut me break until I get back up on my feet, bro.

Jack: Here's your first chance of getting back up on your feet. Want ads, section two.

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