ATWT Best Lines Monday 1/29/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 1/29/07


Provided By Elayna

Jack: Morning! Planning on getting dressed sometime today?

Brad: Well, you know, I don't make major decisions before I've had my coffee.

Iris: This better be good, Adam. Rising and shining ain't one of my strengths.

Jack: Okay, so your solution is to do away with the suits. Suits, bad. Pajama bottoms, good.

Casey: Just don't lose those bonds.

Elwood: Hey, it's me, Elwood, okay? Just try to chillax.

Emily: Oh, God! I want to fight them on this. What am I gonna do?

Dusty: Your going to stop whining and your gonna do what Tom wants you to do.

Vienna: I'm going to chop some wood for Emma.

Brad: Well as long as that's all you chop. I mean you can do some serious damage with that thing.

Vienna: Yes! And that's why I love being here. You know after awhile, every single five-star hotel starts to feel the same.

Brad: Yeah, I wouldn't know that.

Vienna: You'd hate it.

Brad: Maybe not the first few times.

Emily: I had -- I had no idea. You did this for me?

Dusty: Yeah. But let's not get sentimental. That always ruins a good business deal.

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