ATWT Best Lines Monday 1/22/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 1/22/07


Provided By Elayna

Brad: I didn't hear anybody leave this morning.

Jack: 'Cause you sleep like the dead.

Brad: Clean conscience, my brother.

Jack: Or no conscience, my brother.

Jack: I'm just trying to figure out how you expect to help out with the kids. You're not exactly Ward Cleaver.

Brad: They're my nephews, and my niece, who I happen to think look a lot like me --

Jack: God forbid.

Brad: Look, I want to get to know them.

Jack: So I guess all those birthday cards and Christmas gifts you sent in the mail got lost somehow?

Brad: Oh, okay, okay, okay, okay. So I'm light on experience, but you know, I can drive them where they need to go, I can nuke a frozen dinner every once in a while -- whatever.

Vienna: So, what is this? A new farmhand?

Jack: Worse. My brother. Vienna Hyatt, this is my shirtless brother, Brad Snyder.

Vienna: Ooh, another one?

Brad: We save the best for last.

Brad: Who's dolly?

Vienna: A man who taught me a very important lesson. Never to trust a man who has more jewelry than you do.

Vienna: So Katie has Mike. And Carly has Simon. I have an angry prince and a view of the cow pasture.

Katie: Simon is out of my life for good now. Mike knows that.

Margo: Well, that's great, but that doesn't mean you have to leap into parenthood.

Katie: Okay. I'll give him a few weeks.

Katie: We're throwing a party.

Mike: What kind of party?

Katie: A "thank God Tom's alive" party. Or a don't waste a minute of your life because you never know what it will throw at you party.

Margo: Well, actually, that's a good idea.

Katie: Good. Then I'll do everything. The decorations, the food -- I'll cook everything nice and healthy.

Margo: Shh, shh. Tom is still mourning the death of the double cheeseburger in his world.

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