ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 1/17/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 1/17/07


Provided By Elayna

Dusty: Emily's making a call. Why don't you leave by the time she gets back?

Craig: Since you conspired to take my son from me, why don't you try not telling me what to do?

Dusty: Your daughter did that.

Craig: And maybe you could lose the high moral tone

Jack: Explain? You made J.J. lie for you, and Parker betray you so you could explain?

Carly: Parker told you?

Jack: He was listening in when J.J. was talking to you. He felt he had to say something.

Carly: Poor baby --

Jack: Oh, yeah, you should have been here. A grand time was had by all!

Carly: I'm sorry --

Jack: J.J. lied for you, and Parker had the good pleasure of turning his own mother in.

Craig: If I were to take you on, Donovan, I would take you on directly. I wouldn't torture Emily in the process.

Dusty: You don't take anything on directly.

Craig: A word to the wise -- the fact that I sometimes use a complex sentence to express a complex thought doesn't mean that I'm indirect.

Jade: Yeah. Well, sure. I mean, you didn't have to say anything. I already knew that.

Will: Yeah, you've always had a special insight into people's feelings.

Emily: The two of you. My son has been kidnapped, his father's in the hospital, yet it's just another episode of the Dusty and Craig show.

Emily: So what did you say? Did you say lots of funny, clever, subtle little things to Dusty to drive him crazy?

Emily: And you? Did you make threats, throw more gas on the fire? My son is gone, Johnny's gone, but none of that matters. Nothing matters except how much the two of you hate each other.

Simon: No, no, come on. Shoot me. Shoot me if you want, honestly. I don't care. This is all my fault, anyway. I'm to blame, not her.

Carly: Simon, shut up!

Jack: She's got a point. Something about your voice just rubs me the wrong way.

Will: What a surprise. Iris with her hand out.

Craig: I just didn't think you should be alone.

Craig: With the money I gave this hospital, you should be able to throw yourself a reunion of the entire police academy.

Margo: Well, wouldn't that be festive?

Jack: You care about my family, huh? Boy, I'd feel sorry for someone you hated.

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