ATWT Best Lines Monday 1/8/07

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 1/8/07


Provided By Elayna

Mike: You know, as beautiful as that dress is, it's not exactly designed to feed the livestock.

Vienna: Well, the truth is, Mike, I'm not really that good with farm work. So, if you could help me there, I will find a special way to thank you.

Vienna: Of course it's just the wind. That's all that is out here. I mean, the darkness and the wind, and the mooing. And now Emma is gone, too.

Mike: So you put that dress on and decide strut around. Never occurred to you to say, mike, you know, I got the blues, can we go someplace?

Vienna: Would that work?

Mike: Try it.

Vienna: Mike, I got the blues. Can we go somewhere?

Mike: Okay. Sure Why not?

Vienna: Really? You know what you are? You're a real prince.

Henry: Yes, yes, yes, it's a triumph, Katie. Let's open up a bottle of champagne. What do you say? I mean, your friend Carly, you've managed to blow her life to smithereens. And I'm glad to see that years of friendship hasn't prevented you from making sure that I got caught in the shuffle.

Henry: Henry tries to help Simon. Henry must be punished! Never mind the 8,000 times that I have bailed you out and covered your back.

Katie: Why do you think I'm telling you not to go upstairs? So you won't get caught!

Henry: Wow! That's so -- that's so generous of you. That's so caring.

Katie: You've got to get out of here before jack comes back down!

Henry: You think so? Do you think so? I can't wait -- I can't wait to begin my life on the run.

Katie: Wait, I didn't mean for it to be like this. I didn't mean for you to take the fall for Simon. I hate him for using you and for using Carly!

Henry: I know, I know, Katie. You've set such a high standard for behavior, you're an example to us all. You really are. Far be it from you to ever use someone for your own ends.

Katie: Henry, just go.

Henry: You know, there's so many times that I have told myself that I saw something in you that other people simply did not see. Maybe, I just didn't want to see what was really there.

Vienna: Are you here to say hello? Or are you just going to start punching people again?

Katie: Something's happened. I was just gonna call you.

Mike: You know what? I came here for a peaceful dinner. Can we save the drama for another night?

Vienna: You know what? I'm gonna go and freshen up. We all know how she gets when she doesn't get what she wants. And Mike, but her a drink, she looks like hell.

Simon: What have I done?

Henry: You've done? You've taken a perfectly nice woman, and you've blown her life to hell.

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