ATWT Best Lines Monday 12/18/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 12/18/06


Provided By Elayna

Photographer: I like your music and I like your look. What are you wearing?

Adam: This.

Gwen: Oh, no I'm not.

Adam: What happened to the rule that I call the shots?

Gwen: That's before I knew you wanted me to look like a stripper.

Doctor: That car accident was how long ago?

Dusty: Three weeks.

Doctor: And you couldn't wait to break the same arm?

Craig: You know, now that I know what you did with those bullets I think you should reconsider giving me direct orders.

Paul: I think you should pretty much consider going to hell.

Paul: Craig, if you are trying to hurt my feelings, I won't want to help you.

Craig: I don't care if you want to or not, you're doing it. Yes, officer, he took blanks out of the gun and put in real bullets. Is that reckless endangerment or attempted murder? Really, it's both? My slightest wish is your command. That's funny?

Paul: What's funny is Lucy is the one that conned you. Good for her.

Craig: She's under the influence. Her pathetic devotion to Donovan warps her judgment.

Paul: You know what I think? I think it has nothing to do with Dusty. I think having you as a father was all the motivation she needed to keep Johnny from facing the same fate.

Craig: She's very confused.

Paul: She's the one. She's the one. The only one that can hurt you. First she got you where she wanted you and then she stuck the knife in. Right where it hurts. Please, tell me, it did hurt, didn't it?

Craig: Yes, it hurts very much.

Paul: Oh, I'm so glad you are in pain. And to think, that she's still a page from your book.

Photographer: Come on, honey. Think about sex, not mortgage rates.

Adam: Okay, let's take a little break.

Photographer: A break? We started two minutes ago.

Adam: A break where everyone keeps their mouth shut.

Gwen: This is not going well.

Adam: I've seen worse.

Gwen: Oh, now, I feel better.

Gwen: In a cold room with thirty people staring at me, I don't think about sex. I think about getting a sweater.

Paul: You got me. You got my whole MO. I took the blanks out of the gun, and i brought them home and put my finger prints all over them. And put them in a box in my drawer as a little keepsake.

Craig: You're suggesting I planted them?

Paul: I'm suggesting you've got squat. I'm suggesting you go home and think about how Lucy and my mother have trumped you.

Meg: I think you should drop the charges against Dusty.

Craig: Wow, you said that with a straight face.

Meg: Get him out of jail.

Craig: Right. Just let bygones be bygones. Maybe we could go bowling --

Meg: Or maybe you could let him out of jail and follow him right to Johnny.

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