ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 12/13/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 12/13/06


Provided By Elayna

Margo: What is Johnny doing here?

Craig: He's here for an overnight. And yes, I have a court order… with a judge's signature.

Margo: A real judge? So he will go back to Barbara's tomorrow?

Craig: Well maybe we'll sleep in and then we'll take a little walk and then, you know, eventually we'll make it to Barbara's.

Margo: Well you better or I will get a real judge to issue an arrest warrant.

Craig: Were you this tiresome when we were children?

Casey: You remember all those birthday's and Christmas', when we got gifts from gram and grandpa that were worse than socks?

Adam: Savings bonds.

Casey: Yeah, nothing like a gift that takes 20 years before you can spend it. Yeah, my bonds matured.

Maddie: I have no idea what to get Henry for Christmas.

Casey: He hasn't dropped any hints?

Maddie: Yes. He wants tickets to the Kentucky derby. High roller status at every Las Vegas casino. And to always roll lucky sevens.

Emily: I hear everyone has a weakness. Craig found mine. My irrational love for Paul.

Dusty: It's pathological.

Emily: Yeah, I guess there are shades of that, too.

Dusty: Which makes you and Montgomery the perfect pair.

Maddie: So, you guys planning on some kind of game or something?

Elwood: Yeah, we're just gonna go back to the room after --

Casey: Free shoe rental at the bowling alley right?

Elwood: I would never wear shoes somebody else wore.

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