ATWT Best Lines Monday 12/4/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 12/4/06


Provided By Elayna

Craig: Maybe it's the searing pain, but I think I need to hear that again.

Emily: I said because of you, things may actually work out for me and Paul.

Jessica: Right. So that begs the question why you're asking me about the end of your probationary period, with that particular look on your face.

Carly: I just want to know when I'm free to jaywalk without -- without the fear of being thrown in jail.

Meg: Great. Thanks, Paul. So what am I supposed to say? "Hey, hey, Lily, yeah. I know it's short notice but can you put together the wedding in an hour instead of tomorrow?"

Paul: That would be perfect.

Emily: You know what? You hurt my feelings. You really do. After everything I've risked, after all the ways I've helped you, the only thing I'd keep from you is my pin number for my checking account.

Craig: Oh, yes, please forgive me for all the paranoia. I'm just lying here with this bullet in my chest wondering how the blanks you were supposed to put in Dusty's gun ended up being real bullets.

Craig: Oh, this special moment -- did you bat eyes at each other and skip down the corridor, or were there actual words exchanged?

Henry: Hey! Hey, is 180 good (holding a finger to check the pulse in his neck)?

Katie: For a heart attack.

Henry: You said to get here quickly. What's going on? Simon and Carly, are they suing you for defamation of character? What?

Emily: How could this happen? How could they be getting married tonight?

Craig: I just -- and I hate to add insult to injury, but this seems to have shed an unfortunate light on your bond with Paul. Could it have been a figment of your imagination perhaps?

Vienna: I prefer to be happy. And the grudge makes me have wrinkles. I'd be perfectly, perfectly happy if this whole ugly mess would go away without any suffering on your part.

Simon: Me too. Me too, me too. So, what the catch?

Vienna: You only have to do one little thing.

Simon: You name it.

Vienna: Come back to me.

Holden: I don't like you.

Paul: Well, nobody does.

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