ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 11/7/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 11/7/06


Provided By Eva

Craig: "Margo, the charges won't stick"

Margo: Why don't we let the court worry about that. Oh, they don't give children to men who are in jail for kidnapping, do they?"

Adam: "The music business is tough you have to be able to give as good as you get."

Gwen: Excuse me, you don't know me. I can take you on and ten more just like you. Five minutes with my mother gave me enough backbone to stare down a hurricane."

Katie: "Simon, you were my first love, but I don't want to love you anymore."

Simon: "Katie you were my first love, too. We have a special bond that no one can break. Didn't tonight prove that to you?"

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