ATWT Best Lines Friday 8/18/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 8/18/06


Provided By Jennie

Carly: You're welcome to come to the drive-in with us if you want to, but I should warn you -- I have a suspicion it may not be your style.
Simon: Listen, as long as it takes my mind off of Katie doing the Karma Sutra, it's all good.
Carly: But we're not bitter.
Simon: Us? Bitter? No way, not us.

Simon: No, no, no. He's just being honest, that's all. Aren't you, mate? And the truth is, since you asked, no, I don't have to come, but I was just curious. That's all, see. See, I was wondering, 'cause I'm not from around here -- what exactly was it we're driving into? I mean, if you and I could take turns at the wheel, that's all, because I once drove into a house, and that was fun, but I always wanted to drive into a pool.
Parker: You don't drive in to a pool. You drive in to the movies.
Simon: Right through the screen? They allow that? Wow, what a fabulous country.
Parker: No, you drive into a parking lot and you watch a movie on the big screen.
Simon: Oh. All right, what if it rains?
Parker: You don't go when it rains.

Casey: I'll get you another one. Besides, you weren't going to eat both halves anyways.
Gwen: How do you know?
Casey: You're a girl.
Gwen: Well, since I haven't eaten anything since yesterday --
Casey: So, what's the occasion?
Gwen: Uh, I'm hungry? I talked to Barbara.
Casey: And that didn't turn your stomach?
Gwen: No, she made me feel better.
Casey: That's a first.
Gwen: Yeah, she said a lot of things that made sense to me.

Simon: Great. Thank you. So what's going on, buddy? Why'd you feel the need to plant yourself between me and your mom? I like honest, remember?
Parker: Well, I want to know what you want with her.
Simon: Well, I want to work with her, because I think she's very talented. And, I want to be her friend because I think she's a good person and a lot of fun.
Parker: Good.
Simon: But that's it. That's it.
Parker: Keep it that way.

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