ATWT Best Lines Wednesday 5/24/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Wednesday 5/24/06

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Provided By Jennie


Barbara: Wait a second, I get an urgent message saying that I need to come over and get Johnny. What's happened?

Jennifer: We're engaged.

Barbara: Oh! Oh, honey!

Dusty: I can't tell. Is she happy?

Barbara: Oh, this is absolutely wonderful!

Dusty: I guess she is.

Jennifer: This could have gone both ways.


Paul: Hey, Johnny! Did you bring your mom with you?

Barbara: No, he brought your mom with him.

Paul: What are you doing here?

Barbara: Now I know you like to be rude to me, but why don't you invite your nephew inside.

Paul: Fine, Johnny can come in. You stay out here in the hallway.

Barbara: Stop being so grumpy. I've got great news!

Paul: You're moving to Outer Mongolia?

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