ATWT Best Lines Thursday 4/20/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 4/20/06

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Provided By Jennie

Jade: Oh. I'm glad I caught you.

Luke: Well you're blocking the front door it's pretty hard to miss, you should be careful I could've been Mom.

Jade: No she left about twenty minutes ago.

Luke: What? So now you have the whole house staked out?


Maddie: You knew all along.

Casey: Oh, and you're gonna act all outraged?

Maddie: Oh you know what? You are so lucky I'm scared of that sweet lady.

Casey: Who isn't?


Jennifer: You think that your ex killed my boyfriend because she's jealous of your new girlfriend.


Kim: Lisa, what's wrong?

Lisa: Page 110, for starters.

Nancy: Refresh my memory, dear, would you please?

Lisa: Nancy, did you have to line them up that way? It's down at the bottom of the page.

Kim: Oh, yeah. Okay. The Elizabeth Taylor of Oakdale. Full legal name of Lisa Miller Hughes Eldrige Shay Coleman Mccall Mitchell Grimaldi.

Nancy: Did I leave anyone out?

Lisa: No one I can think of. You just made it sound like an ugly law firm.


Kim: Well, Lisa, why are you making such a hissy about this book?

Nancy: Her feelings were hurt. You thought I was making fun of you and saying you weren't good enough to be a Hughes. You were Lisa Miller again. Not good enough to be a Hughes -- that wasn't true then, and it's certainly not true now.


Maddie: Casey, come on. I don't need an apology. Really.

Casey: You want to bank it against future transgressions?

Maddie: Bingo. But you're my hero for saying that you'll duel for me.


Nancy: Yes, I do. Now, I'm your mother-in-law, and I still outrank you.

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