ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 4/18/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 4/18/06

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Provided By Jennie

Lisa: I could dance to it.

Casey: Gran?

Nancy: It's no Fox Trot.

Lisa: I think it's more the Mashed Potato.

Will: What are they talking about?

Casey: Beats me.


Henry: Really? Like you didn't plant his clothes in meg's car? And what is the haute couture for kidnapping victims these days? Is it a birthday suit with a stunning accessory of leg irons?

Emily: What is it with you? I thought you were happy for me.

Henry: I thought your evil twin had gone back into the mirror where she belongs.


Jack: Then who put them there? Fine. I'll drag Paul Ryan in again.

Meg: No.

Jack: Why not? Meg, you're like a sister to me. I'm family. I love you. I'm trying to help you, and for the life of me, I can't figure how the woman I know would lie to Jen about her baby, get mixed up in a kidnapping and end up with a restraining order filed against her from someone like Paul Ryan.

Meg: I've always been an overachiever.


Emily: The police have a solid case against meg.

Henry: We know this how?

Emily: Because I was married to a cop, remember? There are two colors in their world, black and white.

Henry: As opposed to your hallucinogenic oranges and pinks and lavenders.


Emily: No, no, Henry. No, no, no. Come on, please. It's just right out on the terrace. Just -- oh, don't be such a chicken.

Henry: No, no, I'm afraid of heights. Check that. I'm afraid of being thrown from heights.

Emily: I couldn't toss you off my balcony even if I wanted to.

Henry: Really? I think you could toss dusty over your shoulder, take him out to the middle of nowhere, and then leave him for dead.

Emily: I didn't kill Dusty.

Henry: The day is young.


Henry: Maybe a bucket of water will melt her.

Emily: She can hear you.

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