ATWT Best Lines Monday 4/3/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Monday 4/3/06

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Today's Best Lines come from a special 50th Anniversary episode of As the World Turns spotlighting Nancy and 50 years of the families of Oakdale seen through the eyes of Nancy, Kim, Lisa, Barbara, Susan, Lucinda, and Emma.

Susan: Oh, sorry, sorry. I was out yesterday because of the stupid wedding and I had to stop by the hospital.

Barbara: What wedding?

Susan: Oh, that's right, you weren't invited. Your son married my daughter.

Barbara: What? That's impossible. Paul's still in jail.

Susan: They got married in the cell. It was everything a mother could hope for, cement floors, iron bars, armed guards, and a son-in-law who's a murderer.


Susan: Anybody have anything to eat? I'm starving.

Barbara: If you're about to blame me once again for that --

Susan: Not everything's about you, Barbara.


Susan: Lucinda, you're a genius.

[ Lucinda laughs ]

Lucinda: Can I have that in writing?!


Susan: Do you realize that at one time or another, we were all in love with the same man? Except Nancy. She's the only sane one in the bunch.

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