ATWT Best Lines Tuesday 3/21/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Tuesday 3/21/06

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Paul: You should go home.

Meg: Yeah, well, I tried that, too. Mama was full of good advice.

Paul: Did she tell you that you should bake me a cake and put a file in it?

Meg: No. She thought I should cut you loose and sell you down the river.


Margo: Mm-hmm, yeah. Casey lied to you all so that he could help Gwen and Will so they could get married without their parents' consent. Oh, and Casey and Maddie -- they're a couple now. Yeah, I've caught them together on the sofa, they were -- but I -- I kicked Maddie out.

Tom: Well, you have had a full day. You kicked Maddie out on the street?

Margo: Well, yeah. I can't have them carrying on like that before our very eyes under our own roof.

Tom: Well, better under our roof than somewhere else. Where exactly did Maddie go?

Margo: Well, she's living with Henry Coleman -- here.

Tom: At a hotel? Wow, good call.

Margo: Why don't you make that drink a double.


Margo: Yeah, thanks, Lisa. Oh, man. It's finally happened, hasn't it?

Tom: What's happened?

Margo: I've finally turned into Barbara Ryan. I am sneaky and underhanded, and I'm manipulating my son's life.

Tom: You grounded your son. That was very straightforward. And Barbara Ryan's rap sheet is a lot longer than yours. You're not even in her league.

[ Margo laughs ]

Margo: What are you doing?

Tom: Calling Casey and making sure he's at home.

Margo: Oh, well that's sneaky and underhanded.

Tom: You better believe it.

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