ATWT Best Lines Friday 3/10/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Friday 3/10/06

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Provided By Jennie

Susan: Because he murdered the guy.
Emily: Yeah, but he didnít. He couldnít. Why would he lie?
Susan: Because he lies about everything? Don't you know that by now? He's a seriously disturbed man.
Emily: Yeah, but he didn't kill Du -- look, if Meg killed Dusty -- I thought you used to be a detective?
Henry: Private eye. In the job of making women angrier at their husbands than they already were.
Henry: Hey, I got a great idea. Let's get my money. We'll go to the airport. Fly to Bermuda.
Emily: I hate Bermuda.
Henry: How could you hate Bermuda? It's a vacation! Just the two of us in separate rooms. I'm not implying anything here. And I will pay for the whole thing. I'll get you a nice rum punch. Park your fanny out there by the pool. A couple of weeks, you'll be right as rain.

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