ATWT Best Lines Thursday 3/2/06

As The World Turns Best Lines Thursday 3/2/06

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Provided By Jennie

Henry: Evidence of what? Of what?

Emily: How she feels about Paul. Just look for anything. Letters or photos. Look for a diary, maybe.

Henry: What do you expect me to find his name circled with little hearts? She's not 13, Em. She's not going to pour her soul out in bright pink ink.


Emily: Whatever, whatever, okay. You just need to promise me that your not going to go to the police, okay? And in return, I will keep quiet about the fact that you lied to the police about Paul's whereabouts.

Meg: Okay, done.

Emily: Wait, where're you going?

Meg: What do you need, a pinky swear?


(Fantasy) Rose: So what's she like?

Lily: She's lovely. She's sweet and polite and sensitive.

(Fantasy) Rose: I thought you said she was just like me?

Lily: She's strong and brave and independent.

(Fantasy) Rose: And she'd wear something like this?

Lily: She'd love it.

(Fantasy) Rose: Good. But no twin sets. No collars, no pumps. All right? My girl, she's got to have a little style with confidence.


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